10mm 12-Point Titanium SC Bolt 6AL-4V Pack of 4 bolts

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Custom Made Titanium 6AL-4V MP M6X1.0. Made from 6AL-4V or Grade 5 Ti. These bolts are made via CNC in house for tight tolerances and the highest Torque per thread output available. These bolts hold as much as 20% more force at the same head torque when compared to competitors bolts. Because of the high torque thanks to the smooth high quality CNC threads these bolts Do NOT need to be over torqued for max performance.

These Bolts Fit these Superchargers:

Magnuson MP-TVS (4 Bolts needed) We recommend bolts with the T45 for easy install on these systems)

Magnuson Heartbeat TVS (4 bolts needed)

SLP Supercharger TVS (5 Bolts needed)

Bolt Specs:

Head is a 10mm 12 Point with a center relief.

M6X1.0X13.21mm or M6X1.0X.52"

Shoulder is 3.7mm in leangth, it is included in the OAL of 13.21mm/.052"

***Caution*** DO NOT OVER TORQUE!!!
Over Torquing can damage the internal threads and or quickly exceed the maximum Tensile of the fastener. Follow the Torque Guide below.

Use locTite 243Torque Specs when Loctite 243 is applied threading into:

Steel or Stainless Steel: MAX torque is 10 Ft/LBS

Torque Specs when threading into:

Aluminum: MAX torque is 6 FT/LBS



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Additional Info

Additional Info

1.00 LBS
Magnuson MP-TVS
Magnuson Heartbeat TVS
Ti Bolts:
Titanium M6X1.0 Bolts w/relief
Supercharger Hub Ti Bolts:
Magnuson-MP TVS
Supercharger Hub Ti Bolts:
Magnuson Heartbeat TVS